7 Benefits from Lemon Water For Your Body

Many restaurants serve it frequently, and a few people nowadays start their day with lemon rather than coffee or tea. There’s not any doubt apples are yummy but does add them make you healthy?

7 Benefits from Lemon Water

A good deal of the evidence supporting lemon water health benefits is anecdotal. Little scientific research in the USA has been done particularly on lemon water, however, research exists on the benefits of lemon and water independently.

Here are seven ways your body may benefit from lemon water.

#1. It Boosts Hydration

As stated by the Food and Nutrition Board, overall guidelines state that girls should get at least 91 oz every day and men must have at least 125 oz. Including water from meals and beverages.


Water is the best drink for hydration, however, a few people do not enjoy the flavor of it by itself. Adding lemon juice enhances water’s taste, which might help you consume more.